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The Universal Language for Smart Devices

Welcome to the world of Matter, the universal standard that simplifies and unifies the way your smart devices communicate. Matter is the foundation of a smarter, more connected future.

Matter is not just a standard; it's a revolution in the world of smart devices. Imagine a future where your smart gadgets, regardless of their brand, seamlessly communicate with one another.


Matter is the universal language that bridges the gap, connecting your smart lights, locks, and thermostats effortlessly. This standardized approach is the key to simplifying your smart home setup and enhancing its capabilities.


Whether you're using Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Samsung SmartThings, Matter ensures that your devices work harmoniously. Your voice commands, phone app controls, and automations become more versatile, promising a more connected and secure home.


With Matter Linked Technology, Samraj Technologies welcomes you to a future where your devices understand each other, paving the way for a brighter, more convenient tomorrow.

  • What is Matter?
    Matter is an open-source standard for smart devices, ensuring they communicate effectively and work together seamlessly. It's the language that makes your smart gadgets understand each other.
  • What is Malli?
    Malli stands for "Matter Linked Lighting." It's our smart bulb that connects effortlessly with Matter to make your home lighting smarter.
  • Is Malli Smart Bulb energy-efficient?
    Yes, Malli Smart Bulb is designed with energy-efficient LED technology, consuming minimal energy while providing bright and vibrant illumination. It helps reduce electricity bills and environmental impact compared to traditional incandescent bulbs.
  • How do I set up Malli Bulb in my home?
    Setting up Malli is simple. Just screw it into a compatible fixture and configure it via any Matter compatible app. It's a breeze!
  • Do I need a hub for Malli to work?
    No, Malli Bulb operates independently and connects directly to your Wi-Fi network, eliminating the need for an additional hub.
  • How do I enter pairing mode?
    To enter pairing mode, you need to reset the bulb. Here's how to do it: When the light is powered on, follow this sequence - Power off – on – off – on – off – on (wait 2 seconds at each step). The light will flash green once and go to warm white, indicating that it has entered pairing mode. The bulb will stay in pairing mode for approximately 5 minutes. The bulb will turn to cool white when it exits pairing mode.
  • Can I control Malli Smart Bulb with voice commands?
    Yes, Malli Smart Bulb can be controlled using voice commands through matter-compatible smart speakers or virtual assistants such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple Siri. Simply enable the appropriate skill or integration within your smart home system to start controlling the bulb with your voice.
  • How do I set up schedules or automations for Malli Smart Bulb?
    You can set up schedules or automations for Malli Smart Bulb using your home assistant app or smart home system. Most systems offer features that allow you to create routines or schedules based on specific times, events, or conditions. Refer to the user manual of your smart home system for detailed instructions on setting up schedules or automations.
  • How long does the pairing mode of Malli Smart Bulb last?
    The pairing mode of Malli Smart Bulb lasts for approximately 5 minutes. If you're unable to pair the bulb within this timeframe, you may need to repeat the process to enter pairing mode again.
  • What smart platforms does Matter and Malli connect with?
    Matter ensures compatibility with various smart platforms, including Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Samsung SmartThings. This means you can seamlessly integrate Malli into your existing smart home ecosystem.
  • Can I use Malli with other Matter-compatible devices?
    Absolutely! Malli is designed to work harmoniously with other Matter-compliant devices. You can build a cohesive smart home ecosystem with ease.
  • What is Matter compatibility, and how does it benefit me as a user of Malli Smart Bulb?
    Matter compatibility ensures seamless integration of Malli Smart Bulb with a wide range of smart home systems and devices. It allows for unified control and interoperability, enhancing the user experience and flexibility in smart lighting management. Malli bulb is matter Certified by Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA), Certificate ID: CSA23D27MAT41836-24. Certified Date: 11/07/2023
  • How do I know if my smart home system is compatible with Malli Smart Bulb?
    Malli Smart Bulb is compatible with popular smart home systems made with matter, such as Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Samsung SmartThings, and other Matter-enabled devices. Please refer to the compatibility list provided by your smart home system to check if it is matter compatible.
  • Can I use Malli Smart Bulb outdoors?
    Malli Smart Bulb is designed for indoor use only and should not be exposed to outdoor elements such as rain or extreme temperatures. Using the bulb outdoors may affect its performance and lifespan.
  • Is my data and privacy secure with Malli and Matter?
    Yes, both Malli and Matter prioritize data security and privacy. You can trust that your information is well-protected.
  • How does Malli ensure the security of my smart home?
    Malli employs robust security features and encryption protocols to safeguard your smart home from unauthorized access.
  • What should I do if my Malli Bulb stops working?
    If you encounter issues, try power cycling the bulb, ensuring it's within the Wi-Fi range, or resetting it as per the user manual. If problems persist, reach out to our support team.
  • How can I update Malli for the latest features?
    You can update Malli through your Matter to access new features, enhancements, and security improvements.
  • What should I do if I encounter connectivity issues with Malli Smart Bulb?
    If you encounter connectivity issues with Malli Smart Bulb, try the following troubleshooting steps: Ensure the bulb is properly installed and receiving power. Check if your Wi-Fi network is working correctly and that the bulb is within range. Restart your smart home system or router. Reset the bulb and re-pair it with your smart home system. If the issue persists, refer to the troubleshooting section on the instructions manual.
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